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2013: Create more, consume less

I reached a few personal milestones in 2012, like finishing my masters, publishing my first book, and landing a regular part-time teaching gig. I am admittedly a little concerned about keeping the momentum going in 2013, but hope that these resolutions will help me stay focused. My guiding principle for 2013 is to create more and consume less. I was criticized for not being specific and measurable in resolution lists past, so how's this?

1. Run 1,000 kilometres.

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Nine suggestions for promoting your book

Authors today are more responsible for marketing their books than ever before. For self-publishers this is assumed, but even for authors such as myself who publish using a hybrid model (assuming more production costs up front for a larger percent of sales royalties), the commitment to actually getting our books into the hands of readers can take as much time and energy as the writing itself.

While this list is in no way complete, it does reflect what was successful for me, and may help guide new authors wondering where to begin. Although my experience was in publishing a printed book, I believe it can be modified for e-books. This list assumes you've written a compelling, well-edited and sellable book. Without that, no amount of effort will save you.

Before your book is published:

1.  Connect with writers, editors, publishers, librarians, and booksellers.

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Super Swe-e-e-e-t Blogging Award

I'm flattered to have received a Super Swe-e-e-e-t Blogging Award from Anne O'Connell ( on September 29. I like this idea as a way for us writers to find a community and highlight each other's work.

I'm also happy to participate because I don't have a blogroll on my site, but there are some terrific blogs I follow. This gives me an opportunity to encourage those bloggers to continue their valuable work and to refer readers to them using my Baker's Dozen.

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It's time to Write Now!

Several years ago, a best-selling and multi-published author who I greatly admire kindly read my Lunar Lifter manuscript and gave some indispensible advice. Her suggestions took it from good to sellable, and without her help I'm not sure it would have been published. I was so grateful for her encouragement, I asked how I could repay her generosity. "Pay it forward," she told me. "Mentor a less-experienced writer."

This summer, through the Write Now! program, I found my opportunity to do just that. Kind of, sort of. Let me explain.

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Blog because you can; blog because you must

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a five-minute podcast on the topic of blogging by my Masters in Public Relations classmate Angela Murray (pictured on the left) today. Angela asked me why I blog, what I blog about, and how blogging helps freelancers like myself as well as organizations meet their communication objectives.

For freelance writers, I consider blogging a requirement. It allows you to build a portfolio of your work. There's also a beautiful freedom in blogging. No one is assigning you topics or word count, and no one but the blogger him/herself is deciding whether it's worth publishing.

Best of all, blogging inspires conversations. For public relations practitioners, it offers a model of assymetrical communications because it invites—and hopefully provokes—responses. Sure it's great to push messages out, but it's equally important to actively listen and contribute meaningfully to discussions on an infinite range of topics.

Blogging is an extension of brand, whether that's an organization's brand or your personal brand. Best of all, it's superb writing practice in a productive and creative space. What are your thoughts on blogging? Send me a link to your blog and I'll check it out!

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