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There's a long road ahead for this writer — and that's ok

I had an uncomfortable moment yesterday in the writing class I’m taking. I realized I am, at best, an intermediate writer. This is not false modesty. Yes, I know some things about writing. I’m published. I make a small income through my writing and people tell me they enjoy it or it makes them think. Those rewards are fantastic but they may have fooled me into thinking I know more than I actually do. There is WAY more yet to learn, and so much practice ahead.

And guess what? That’s ok.

I also know as an educator that you need to have those uncomfortable or “transformative” moments that challenge your assumptions

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School Schmool

September is the start of a new year. The calendar disagrees but January has never provided a sense of beginning, other than it's the start of a long, cold winter.

September, on the other hand, is a new grade, a new teacher, a new pack of Crayons with a built-in sharpener, and if you're as lucky as I was in grade four, new brown suede earth shoes to go with your new brown corduroy jumper. [So what if it was about 30 degrees that day? I was rockin' my 1978 look hard.]

Although I haven't been a full-time student since getting my second undergraduate degree 12 years ago, I've never really shaken the back-to-school feeling fall brings. And this year, it's not merely nostalgia for an excuse to go shopping — I'm actually going back to school. Yep, after a long hiatus, I'm hitting the books again, this time to do a masters degree in public relations.

I'm now a "mature student," although I laugh at the irony of this label.

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