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Scotia Sinker's Official Launch – or should I say plunge?

A wonderful group of book enthusiasts helped me officially launch my new children's chapter book Scotia Sinker at the beautiful Maritime Museum of the Atlantic this past Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Fans from age four to 88 (my dad; still a kid at heart) gathered in the Days of Sail room where illustrator Joel Duggan and I greeted them and signed books on request. Snacks include thematic gummy fish and sharks.

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Press Release: Halifax Author's New Children's Book Delves Deep into Atlantic Ocean

HALIFAX/April 28, 2015 — Scotia Sinker, a new children's chapter book from Sketch Publishing, officially launches on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

"It appeals to early middle grade readers who love excitement, dynamic characters and adventure in the North Atlantic Ocean," says its author, Alison DeLory.

In Scotia Sinker Cameron, 10, and Erin, 6, take a new adventure in their cardboard box — this time transforming it with their magic markers into a small submarine that plunges them into the Atlantic Ocean. They're pulled far from home, deep into wild waters where thrills and threats await. Here, Cameron and Erin need all their bravery and the help of some interesting aquatic friends to outrun Lydia, a tagged

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I've got it covered

Ta-da! The cover for Scotia Sinker (Sketch Publishing, May 2015) is complete. I'm thrilled with illustrator Joel Duggan's image, which sets the stage for Cameron and Erin's next fridge box adventure without giving too much away.

We're just putting the finishing touches on the interior drawings then it's off to the printer. Please check back for an official announcement of a launch event and pre-ordering information.

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Becoming Fierce: Teen Stories IRL

Exciting news! Last year I wrote a creative nonfiction story called Some of My Parts for the Fierce Shorts series by Fierce Ink Press. It was released as a digital download. Well now my enterprising publisher has packaged it and nine other Fierce Shorts into an actual printed and bound book called Becoming Fierce: Teen Stories IRL. (For the acronym-challenged, IRL stands for In Real Life as these are all loosely based on our lived experiences).

I've read and was affected by each story differently. They are alternately relatable, gritty, hopeful and powerful, with the overlying theme being that while the teen years can be tough, you can emerge from them stronger and healthier. Topics include teen suicide, drug abuse, body image, cultural displacement, losing a parent, romantic relationships and friendships.

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Come to BookCamp Halifax 2013

Who doesn't love camp? The word is practically synonymous with fun, exploration, and camaraderie, and thus is a good description for BookCamp Halifax 2013.

Okay, so maybe 'BookCamp' doesn't include canoeing or eating s'mores around a bonfire, but it may offer something even better: an opportunity for readers, writers and those interested in books and publishing to come together to share ideas and advice.

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