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Press Release: Halifax Author's New Children's Book Delves Deep into Atlantic Ocean

HALIFAX/April 28, 2015 — Scotia Sinker, a new children's chapter book from Sketch Publishing, officially launches on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

"It appeals to early middle grade readers who love excitement, dynamic characters and adventure in the North Atlantic Ocean," says its author, Alison DeLory.

In Scotia Sinker Cameron, 10, and Erin, 6, take a new adventure in their cardboard box — this time transforming it with their magic markers into a small submarine that plunges them into the Atlantic Ocean. They're pulled far from home, deep into wild waters where thrills and threats await. Here, Cameron and Erin need all their bravery and the help of some interesting aquatic friends to outrun Lydia, a tagged

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Authors for Indies Day is May 2

Canada's first Authors for Indies day is coming up on Saturday, May 2. Authors from across Canada will support independent bookstores by volunteering as guest booksellers.

You'll find me at Carrefour Atlantic, my favourite bookstore in Halifax's Historic Properties. I'll be joined by fellow authors Donna Morrissey, Blair Beed, Yolanda Poplawska and Joel Zemel. We'll greet customers, recommend books and chat with you about your favourites.

Discovering an independent bookstore in your community is like finding a piece of sea glass on the beach. Each is unique and beautiful in its own way. When my

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Double Double 


"Careful, it's hot."

I took the coffee from her outstretched arm. I peeled back the plastic tab then laced my exposed fingers around the warm red cardboard cup. It felt comforting in my chilled hands.

"Thanks. I'll get the next one." Steam rose in a wavy line in front of my face. I took a sip, gratefully discovering Hailey had ordered me a double-double. I wanted the calories and sugar boost. I tried to remember if I'd eaten anything today. I suspected not but I wasn't certain.

We'd been sitting on Spring Garden Road all morning, with nothing but a few quarters in my open guitar case to show for it. We'd fallen into a lull, not making eye contact or attempting to speak to the passersby. That always had poor results. We needed to look worth helping, not hopeless.

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Indian School Road a Necessary, Remarkable Read

It's no secret that Canada's residential schools were largely unhappy places designed to take the Indian out of the student. The fact that First Nations students who lived after the experience are called "survivors" is an appropriate use of the word—some children were malnourished, emotionally and physically abused, worked and/or neglected to their deaths. Yet knowing intellectually and abstractly that residential schools were racist and oppressive places, and reading a book about one such school right here in my home province of Nova Scotia that includes the names of organizations and people I have heard of or know, was for me a profoundly different, necessary and important experience.

Chris Benjamin's book Indian School Road, Legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School (Nimbus Publishing 2014) is an expertly researched and constructed book.

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I've got it covered

Ta-da! The cover for Scotia Sinker (Sketch Publishing, May 2015) is complete. I'm thrilled with illustrator Joel Duggan's image, which sets the stage for Cameron and Erin's next fridge box adventure without giving too much away.

We're just putting the finishing touches on the interior drawings then it's off to the printer. Please check back for an official announcement of a launch event and pre-ordering information.

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