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How to Write Winning Opinion-Editorial Articles

When I was asked to deliver a guest lecture to public relations students about op-ed writing I immediately agreed. I love teaching and find the students energize me. Preparing to teach also forces me to examine my work processes and bulk up my knowledge on a subject, contributing to my overall understanding and appreciation of the communications craft.  

To augment my own experience writing and editing op-eds, I sought help from the experts, editors I know and admire professionally and personally, and a friend who writes a weekly opinion column for our local newspaper. What they said made a lot of sense, and I’ve synthesized their insights into a Top 10 list:
Ten 10 tips for writing op-eds that get published:

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The pizza days

‘Salad days,’ is a phrase Shakespeare coined in 1606 when he wrote Anthony and Cleopatra to describe a time, “When I was green in judgment, cold in blood.” They are thought to be a time of youth, innocence and inexperience.

Having children, I realize, has pushed me beyond my salad days officially onto life’s main course. I am now living my pizza days, both figuratively and literally. I’m no longer naïve and I’m eating lots of pizza.

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