I Stand With Avalon & Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse 
Monday, May 2, 2016 at 6:08AM
Alison DeLory in Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, Sexual Assault, advocacy

Last summer I joined the board at the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax.

I wanted to help Avalon continue its important advocacy work around prevention, healing and empowerment. I was ready to work hard to try and make a difference. It’s not been easy, but neither is anything worth doing.

Much has happened in these eight months. Avalon’s sexual assault nurse examiners continued performing forensic examinations. Avalon’s therapeutic counselors continued helping people deal with the trauma of sexual abuse. Staff continued to advocate for and empower survivors, while simultaneously working to educate and prevent sexual abuse. Also during this time, the third year anniversary of Rehtaeh Parsons’s death passed, and Jian Ghomeshi was found not guilty.

People—including me and possibly you, too—are sad and frustrated. And the demand for Avalon’s services keeps growing. It can feel like chasing a target that is constantly pulled just a little further out of reach each day.

Avalon needs resources to do more for survivors. Full stop. As it works to seek long-term sustainable government funding, as well as corporate partnerships (please send me a message if you have any leads), it also launched a crowdfunding campaign last week. The goal is a lofty $10,000 and we need your help to get there. Monies raise will go directly to supporting survivors—like the woman who said, “I strongly believe that I am alive today because of Avalon. The people I met here, the services I got here, the support and the safety, it saved my life.” 

If you can donate, I implore you to do so. Stand with Avalon, #SupportSurvivors. Thank you.

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