Taking the plunge with Scotia Sinker
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 8:19PM
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Drum roll please . . . I am publishing a new book this spring! And I've started a publishing label (more on that in a minute).

Scotia Sinker, for readers from ages ~ 6 to 10, is the sequel to my 2012 children's chapter book Lunar Lifter.


"Cameron and Erin take a new adventure in their cardboard box — this time, to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean! In Lunar Lifter, the first story in their adventure-packed series, they used magic markers to transform their box into a spaceship that took them to the moon. Now, when they find their damaged Lunar Lifter on the beach, they use their remaining pens to repair and transform it into a small submarine called Scotia Sinker. Their new adventure pulls them far from home, deep into the ocean’s wild waters where many thrills and threats await. Cameron and Erin need all their bravery, wits and the help of some interesting aquatic friends to outrun a fearsome predator."

I've been piloting excerpts with elementary students during my Writers in the Schools visits, and gauging reaction from readers young and older. So far feedback is that Scotia Sinker is even more suspenseful and imaginative than Lunar Lifter. The grade three students at Millwood Elementary, who were my beta readers, said this:

• "We can't wait for book three!!!"
• "I loved the book because at the end of each chapter it left me wanting more. I could hardly wait for the next day!"
• "I loved all the mental images that [Alison] painted in my mind."

I'm also excited to be collaborating with talented comic strip creator and illustrator Joel Duggan on Scotia Sinker. Joel will be designing the cover art and creating interior line drawings.

Sketch Publishing

Sketch Publishing, a new publishing label that I've launched for my work, will be releasing Scotia Sinker. This gives me more creative control and more of the sales revenue. I'm also doing the up-front investment, plus managing or outsourcing the business side of things. There will be challenges but after much deliberation I've decided that I have the skills and networks through which to market and promote this book, plus who is more motivated to see it succeed than me? No one.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me as a writer and author, and supported me throughout this process of settling upon my best option as an author. I believe I've found it.

Onward and upward — or is it downward? The book is called Scotia Sinker afterall! See you at the launch.

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